I don’t want to write too much but I will basically write a sort of “About Me.”

I am currently a college student. I’ve been going to school for 5 years now and will go at least one more year. I was born in February of 1988 so I am currently 22. My major in school in Japanese, though I have only taken two Japanese classes so far (why I still have another year at least of school.) I am also thinking about minoring in English since I don’t have enough major classes to take to go full time without a minor. I’m planning on using this blog to write about my life a bit but mainly I want this to be geared towards Japanese. I am taking a semester off Japanese classes this semester but intend on studying Japanese everyday of the week for at least an hour. I will be trying to write in Japanese on here, though it will be simple, and I also plan on sharing ways that I’m learning. One thing that I just signed up for the free version of is NihongoUp, which is the link that is at the bottom of the page. I have only gone through the Introduction courses but they are very informative and I think they cover topics well. It is, of course, still very heavily based on your own motivation, as it is not a class but it has good information and a good layout. I will continue to use this website and to post the link at the bottom of my blogs.

[I won’t pretend, the link there is a link specialized to me that they say I can raise money through but I have no clue how that works and am going to write about NihongoUp anyway, I might as well see what they mean. Ultimately, I hope that if you do get money, it pays for the website fee because I cannot afford the program but do like it.]

As for less formal things, I go to college away from home and don’t really like being home since I’m too used to being on my own and want my own place. My family is a bit financially unstable. We’re not exactly poor as we have our house and two cars and food but we had no presents on Christmas for lack of money and me asking my mom to lend me $30 is a bit of a big deal. My father lost his job since he has back problems and will make no more on disability than what he’s making collecting but there seems to be no other option – he can’t even play pool without being in pain or sleep without being woken up by pain. I have a younger brother who lives at home. He’s doing very well compared to everyone else (money-wise) but is young and spends his money freely just out of having it. I work part-time, seasonal when I come in from school but do not work at school out of the inability to do so. I have a good deal on my plate when at school, work can’t really be involved. It is frustrating though since I am broke constantly and more often than I like have to ask my mom for money. I did really poorly last semester as a bad, 1-year anniversary came up in September, causing me to be depressed and unmotivated. This caused a snowball effect with school. This semester I am going to work as hard as possible especially because of how bad last semester went and because I don’t want what happened to me a year ago to affect me that much. (Though it might, I need to do well for myself.)

I guess that is a good enough introduction for now. I don’t want to go too deep into anything for now but I feel I have laid the ground for future writings well enough.

Thanks for reading,


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